Biomedical Tech startup, based in Pretoria South Africa, affiliated to University of Pretoria, Innovation hub, TIA and CSIR


Kebalepile Technologies and Innovations (KTI), trading as Kebalepile Inc, is an Innovation and Technology company specializing in Biomedical Technology. 

Our vision is to provide early warning systems to avoid preventable deaths related to chronic diseases, like asthma.

Our flagship product, the Asthma Grid, is an innovative
diagnostic instrument that serves as an early alert system for imminent asthma attacks. It alerts the primary caregiver and medical emergency response.

The technology(ies) researched and developed by KTI are based on Predictive Personalized Models (PPM) using algorithms, where disease patterns and progression are mapped on an individual patient. This form of diagnosis considers biological systems, behavioral patterns and environmental parameters (measured in real-time) to inform accurate individual diagnoses.
The founder and MD of KTI is Mr. Moses Kebalepile.

Moses is an academic, entrepreneur and innovator. He is currently enrolled for a PhD, studying respiratory health with asthma as a proxy. He is working on developing new management protocols for asthma and the prevention of asthma related deaths.

He has received numerous awards in recognition of the work done on the Asthma Grid.